My Four Favorite Productivity Apps For Freelance

My Four Favorite Productivity Apps For Freelance

1Password (Logins)

1Password is the kind of productivity app that makes you wish for a time machine so you could go back five years ago and kick yourself for not buying it sooner. It’s THAT good.

After creating your account and installing 1Password on all your devices, you can say goodbye to passwords forever.

The app will generate and save strong passwords whenever you create a new account and log you in to websites with a single click. This will easily be the best $2.99/mo you’ve ever spent.

ActiveCollab (Tasks)

I’ve spent years waffling over using a project management app—partly because of cost, but mostly because I couldn’t find any tools I actually enjoyed using.

I stumbled upon ActiveCollab several months ago, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to use—keeping me organized and productive on everything from website projects to personal reading lists.

At $25/mo, it’s much cheaper than Basecamp (for small teams). The interface is also way cleaner than Casual (clunky), and it has more robust features than Todoist… plus there’s a desktop app!

MinimaList (Tasks Pt. II)

As much as I love ActiveCollab, a full-fledged project management app can be overkill for jotting down in-the-moment goals—and if they don’t get written down, they won’t get completed.

I use the MinimaList app on my phone for short term planning, such as a group of tasks I need to complete by the end of the day.

You simply swipe down to add a task, swipe right to mark a task as complete, or shake your phone to clear the list. At $5.99 for lifetime use, it’s an absolute must-have.

FreshBooks (Invoicing)

FreshBooks was actually the first invoicing software I ever used, but after a year I switched to AndCo because it was new and shiny and (frankly) cheap. Rookie mistake.

While I liked AndCo, and I think they’ll continue to improve, there were just too many bugs to justify the money I saved. I want to spend as little time as possible thinking about invoicing.

That’s the biggest benefit of FreshBooks—it isn’t fancy, but it WORKS. It sends reminders, helps me track expenses, and generally handles all the boring parts of freelance for $25/mo.