Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to supply my own photography?

You can either provide photos to use for the website, or we can select high-quality stock imagery.

Is SEO included?

Sherpa Wordpress sites are coded to boost your SEO score. Sites built on website builders like Squarespace or Strikingly will not be quite as SEO-friendly.

What about e-commerce?

E-commerce is provided on Strikingly and Squarespace, but not on Wordpress websites.

Can I make edits myself?

Website builders allow you to have full control of your entire site. With custom Wordpress sites you will be able to edit content, but adding new features may require coding support.

Will I be able to see my website in progress?

Yes! A demo will be visible throughout the entire project, allowing you to check in on the latest edits and additions.

Who handles hosting?

For Wordpress, your website will be hosted on a high-speed Sherpa Design Co. server. For website builders, hosting will be included in your monthly subscription.

What's the time frame?

On average, 1-2 months for simple projects and 2-3 months for larger, more complex projects.