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Sherpa Design Co. is a one-man digital studio based in Rochester, NY that helps small businesses and nonprofits create Hard-Working Websites™.

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Andrew Folts

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If you’re a large corporation with $100,000 to spend, the web is a pretty friendly place.

But for rest of us, even building a basic website can be a royal pain. High costs, low-quality design, and unhelpful tech support are just a few roadblocks.

Sherpa Design Co. is different.

Like the Nepalese guides, “Sherpas,” who help adventurers scale Mt. Everest, I handle all the technical legwork — design, code, hosting, and even on-going support.

That means you can focus on achieving your goals, instead of getting bogged down in DIY tools, agency expenses, or fly-by-night freelancers.

Ready to attract more customers, make better impressions, and save time every week?

Let’s make a Hard Working Website™.